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Monday, October 19, 2009

Collector Letters

A constant question I get from readers is "Mr. Dangerfield, how can I fix my credit myself?"
So, I decided to post a series of letters. This is a sample debt settlement letter you can uses if you are looking to settle a debt with a creditor or collection agency. 7-day FREE trial of 3 Bureau Credit Monitoring!  Plus Credit Report & Score - $0


Your Name                                                                                                                              Date
Home Address
Phone Number

Attention: {name of collector or collection agency}
RE: Collection letter dated {date of letter here} or phone call on {date of call here} reference account #: {account or reference number}
Dear Mr./Ms. {Collector's or Collection Agency's Name}
I do not agree that I owe as much as you claim I owe on the above referenced account. In an effort to save both of us a great deal of time and expense I am offering to settle this account for $ _______.

If you accept my offer, please send written confirmation to my address listed above. Once I receive your written confirmation, I will mail payment to your organization within five business days. If you wish to discuss this settlement offer, I can be reached at (insert daytime phone number with area code). However, please understand that I will not make any payment until receiving written confirmation that you accept my offer.
Your Printed Name

Send this debt settlement letter via "return receipt requested" and keep a copy for your records.

Denied due to bad credit?

Mr. Dangerfield is an I.A.P.D.A Certified Debt Specialist whom has worked in the finance industry for over a decade. He manages and is the author of "A Dangerfield Manifesto" and co-founder of SMG Holdings, the parent company of Squad Music Group, Dangerfield Artistic Entertainment SMG Publishing and Taboo Dangerfield Publishing
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