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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dieting when you are BROKE!!!

Dieting is perceived to be expensive, but there are many ways one can eat healthy without spending a fortune:

1. Free passes-If you are deciding that you need a gym for your dieting plan consider what gym might fit your needs. After visiting the gym, ask for a 2 week pass to see how it goes. Since every community has three to five gyms, you can do this again and again until you find the perfect gym or training class.

2. Buy fruit and vegetables at a fresh produce market. Not only are the produce fresh from the garden, but it is much cheaper than from a supermarket or green grocer.

3. Check the dollar store, Big Lots and other locations for low fat and low price snacks. There are plenty of great things to eat if you are snacking, so all you need to find is a low cost place to purchase.Soup is a good meal and can include a variety of vegetables. It’s provides hydration as well and can be made cheaply using fresh veggies and the cheaper meat cuts or even beans if you are a vegetarian. HCBL $6 Sale All-Natural Vitamins

4. Plan your meals ahead so that you can know what to buy. Not planning can lead to wastage since we often buy things and then don’t use i.Instant Free SMART Credit Report
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5. Watch circulars for food promotions at supermarkets. Some things one can purchase as much as possible (such as tinned stuff - just make sure the expiry date is not in the near future).

6. If you buy large quantities of fruit and vegetables, cook a big batch of soup or another dish and freeze what is left over in single serving containers.Lose Weight Naturally at HCBL as low as $6.00

7. If you need new clothes while your weight is changing, consider a purchasing a few outfits at a second hand store. This will allow you to keep losing weight and not put out too much money until you get to your final weight goal
8. Use less meat in your dishes by adding some lentils/beans. Beans are a good source of protein and fiber and are also much cheaper than meat.

9. Instead of ready-made meals, make your own.Suze Orman's FICO® Kit Platinum

10. Always carry your own bottle of water/low calorie cooldrink to prevent splurging on something unhealthy and expensive. Do the same with some fruit for snacks instead of buying potato chips or chocolate

11. Some things, such as spices or rice, can be bought in bulk at a much lower price than small quantities.

12. If there are leftovers from your dinner, keep it for lunch the next day.

13. Try growing your own fruit or vegetables. If you don’t have a garden, try growing your own herbs in a pot in your kitchen

14. Drink water or homemade ice tea instead of gas cooldrink or energy drinks

15. Instead of spending money on a movie, take the children to the park to play, or simply take a walk. You will save money and get some exercise.Oakland Raiders Tickets as low as $30 at StubHub!

16. When you read the price tag look for the unit price.   Just keep in mind that the sale price isn't taken into account on these tags.  The lower the price per unit the better the deal. 

17.  Mega marts, like Wal-Mart and Super Target,  can be very helpful for the time crunched individuals offering one stop shopping and low prices.  However once in the store they tantalize the unwary shopper with cute clothes for the kids, fun toys for the pets and just about anything else under the sun.  They entice consumers further by offering irresistible deals that end up filling the cart and elongating the receipt.  If you have a good deal of will power and can stick to your list you will be rewarded with a lower food bill.

18. Shop at several different stores and purchase their sale items and store brands.

19. Buy store-branded products instead of brand names. The only difference is the price, the quality is often the same. Many stores like  Wal-Mart even Target have "store brand" products.  A lot of times these products are the exact same as the name brand products.  For example at you can get store brand sour cream for $1.09 but if you were to buy name brand it would be $2.50 or more!  By switching to generic or store brand food products you can save over 10% on your grocery bill!  But keep your eyes peeled because sometimes name brands aren't cheaper in the long run.  So how do you tell?

20. Look at the bottom shelf.  Stores place the high ticket items at eye level.  Their labels have eye appeal and are easy to reach.  Get yourself some exercise by bending down and looking at the products on the lower shelves.  That's where you will find the generic, store brand products and other interesting items. Also check the highest shelves for unique or harder to find items.  Take  time to shop and you will not only save money but will also come home with some interesting edible treasures!

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