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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Do you have trouble staying within your budget?

Living For Today...But What About Tomorrow?
We spend alot of time living for today, and with the stress of life, sometimes it feels impossible to get ahead and plan.
Do you feel hopless, Do you know that you can plan but it's a pain to write down a BUDGET? I'm the same way and that is why I started using software to keep track for me.

Nolo’s Financial First Aid Kit 2009 is an all-in-one personal finance resource that includes 10 personal finance tools you can start using immediately. It will help you solve urgent debt and credit problems, reach your money goals and generate more income. 

Here’s what you get inside: Credit Repair ebook, The New Bankruptcy ebook, Foreclosure Survival Guide ebook, Money Coach personal financial education software, The Small Business Start-Up Kit ebook, the eBay Business Kit ebook, Home Business Tax Deductions ebook, Stopping Identity Theft ebook, The Busy Family’s Guide to Money ebook, Your Little Legal Companion book and audio excerpts from The Busy Family’s Guide to Money audio book and audio excerpts from Stopping Identity Theft audio book.

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  • Financial Fist-Aid Kit 2009

  • A Personal Finance Resource

  • Nolo

  • Solve urgent debt and credit problems

  • Get out of debt now

  • Save money on taxes

  • Know your options

  • Get a bank loan

  • Learn how bankruptcy wipes out debt

  • Keep your job, freedom and self respect

  • Negotiate a workout

  • Create a personalized money plan and learn to:
  • Successfully manage your money

  • Pay for education

  • Plan for major life changes

  • Save for an enjoyable retirement

  • Use forms and calculators

  • Increase your income

  • Launch a business with confidence

  • Write an effective business plan

  • Reduce taxes by knowing and taking all the deductions you deserve

  • Live links to resources on eBay and related sites

  • Write off health insurance and medical bills

  • Stay on good terms with the IRS

  • Simple Budget Software Coupled with a Powerful Money Management Methodology 

    The You Need Budget Software


    Rule One: Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

    We want you to work toward living on last month’s income. Both the software and methodology will help you do just that.
    Why? You’ll find breathing room. You’ll stop wasting time by timing paychecks with bills, and if you’re on a variable income, your budgeting “problem” will be eliminated.


    Rule Two: Give Every Dollar a Job

    Each month you assign your Available dollars to spending/savings categories. This process takes 20 minutes and revolutionizes the way you think about your money.
    Why? Dollars need to be told what to do. Your awareness will increase tremendously and you’ll find contentment as your spending aligns itself with your core values. Communication between spouses is restored. Redeem Coupon LASTMIN10-Save up to 50% plus a $10 off on all Last Minute Hotel bookings on


    Rule Three: Save for a Rainy Day

    You’ll anticipate larger, less-frequent expenses and will be ready for them. Insurance premium due in six months for $600? Save $100 each month and watch the Car Insurance balance grow.
    Why? Eliminate the crazy ups and downs in your life. Gain a true picture of your discretionary income. Enjoy opening the mail again (the money will be there waiting to pay that bill).


    Rule Four: Roll with the Punches

    The key is to keep moving even when you fail (you will). YNAB will make small adjustments when you overspend, ensuring that you fix those mistakes before you go to the next month.
    Why? It keeps you on your budgeting feet, so when you fail, you don’t quit. You start each month with a clean slate–a huge psychological boost. Shop Today for Special Online Exclusive Offers from Rocawear!

    I feel that these are both good choices for those of us who can't spend 500 dollars on Software for the household budget


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